50 Things They Don’t Want You to Know

Author Jerome Hudson Unveils the Hypocrisy of the Left in his Ground-Breaking Book

Jerome Hudson, Breitbart Entertainment Editor and a member of the Project 21 black leadership network, will share about his new smash-hit book, 50 Things They Don’t Want You to Know, exposing the Left’s lies to the American public. He explores with us Global Warming, pollution and offers insight on the impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump.

More examples of how the hypocrisy of the Left from 50 Things includes how:
Black and Hispanic students are more underrepresented at America’s top colleges and universities than before affirmative action.

-Hispanics constitute over half of Border Patrol Agents.

-The U.S. settled more refugees in 2018 than any other nation.

-Half of the federal arrests are immigration-related.

-Taxpayers doled out $2.6 billion in food stamps to dead people in less than two years.

-World leaders flew to Davos to discuss global warming in a fleet of 1,700 private jets.

-90 percent of plastic waste comes from Asia and Africa.

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