The Liberty Beacon Project (TLB) Mission Statement and Project Goals

The mission of The Liberty Beacon Project (TLB) is …


To be accomplished by publishing pertinent websites and produce media content (podcasts, telepodcasts, video-magazines, blogs, internet TV shows etc…) as well as to increase access to the abundance of coordinated alternative source media to the liberty movement or to any and all who wish to be informed and educated as to reality in this climate of political, social, health and economic turmoil.

One thing we are all aware of is that the MainStream Media (MSM) is seriously remiss in its stated mission to keep the American people informed in real time on topics of importance by presenting timely and fact based reporting of events as they occur both in this country and across the globe. So TLB will do this in earnest knowing that an informed and educated society cannot and will not be subjugated!

The Liberty Beacon project presently consists of over a dozen FaceBook pages, about a half dozen dedicated FaceBook groups, about ten international websites (with several more under construction), a Twitter channel, an international TLBTV network (Youtube), and participation with many other social networks.

Projects currently in progress include setting up a project to produce more in-house on-line TLBTV programing, the launch of a social site for all of our project associates, several environmental and health research projects, and much more.

TLB has a close association with approximately about 500 groups and pages of like mind on FaceBook and is partnered with about two dozen independent (true) media and Holistic health or health tyranny websites. We also benefit highly from contributions and close personal contacts with many professionals, authors, media personnel and journalists in many countries across the globe that provide us (as active contributors) with real-time information you wont see or hear on the mainstream media.

And this is just the beginning …

Roger Landry

Roger Landry (TLB)

Founder of The Liberty Beacon project